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From: Wyllys Ingersoll (reagan!axl!
Date: Fri Aug 14 1992 - 13:04:22 CDT

A while back I posted a message about an exiting process that I wanted
to kill. I should have been more specific about the problem and explained
that it was a program I had created that opened a serial port.

> Hello,
> How does one kill an <exiting> process that wont exit?
> I'm on a SPARC 670 running 4.1.2. The process appears when I do
> ps ( and mps ) as ( <exiting> " but it won't exit. It is not
> a process from an NFS disk that is not there, it is from a process
> started from a local SCSI disk, so its not an NFS problem.
> Any ideas? I will summarize.

Many people responded with suggestions of rebooting
(which is what I ultimately had to do) and that exiting processes
cannot be killed. This is what I thought, but I wanted to see if I
could figure out why it was hanging all the time. I was uanble to
attach to it with p-trace because there was no u-area around for the
kernel to trace.

Hal Stern was right on target with his reply that I probably needed
some patches (100225-01 and some others) to fix serial line problems.

In summary ... Reboot, get patches.

Thanks to all,
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