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Date: Wed Aug 12 1992 - 20:06:35 CDT

In article <>, (Beric Maass [Sun Vancouver SPS]) writes:
|> In article 46C@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG, gordon@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG (Gordon Vickers) writes:
|> > I recently posted an article asking for a contact at Sun Sales
|> > since I can't seem to get anyone there to return my calls, and that
|> > even includes the Sales department head.
|> >
|> > I recevied nearly two dozen responses. Thank you to all. I wish I
|> > could send each of you an individual "Thank you" and would if my
|> > mailer worked better (mailer at work, since mail send to this account
|> > gets forwarded there).
|> >
|> > Roughly 50% of those replying suggested I called 1-800-USA-4-SUN.
|> > I did, but they just referred me to my local sales office.
|> >
|> > The other 50% was sympathetic and related similar experiances.
|> >
|> > So far I have made on behalf of my employer, six calls during the
|> > past three weeks to SUN, and I am still unable to order anything.
|> > I call representing my employer, a SunSoft VAR. Gee, if they would
|> > only sell us something, maybe we could help them make more money.
|> >
|> > In summary, if you need a Spark or better, try H.P., IBM, or even DEC.
|> > You may not walk away with a SUN machine, but calling SUN won't get
|> > one of those either.
|> >
|> > Thanks again to those who responded.
|> > Gordon
|> >
|> >
|> In response to your posting, I noticed a few people pointing you in the direction of Sun Express.
|> They are the group most suited to handle your issues; perhaps you might want to follow that
|> advice.
|> --Beric

Or, talk to one of the Sun clone vendors (Tatung, Hyundai, CompuAdd)
and buy a clone. I bought one from CompuAdd after I had the same
problem getting calls returned by SMCC and am quite pleased with the
product. It runs SunOS 4.1.2 right off the SunSoft CD.

[I speak only for myself. I have no connection with CompuAdd other
than being a satisfied customer]

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