Summary: UNIX error 24 (Too many open files)

From: Fabrice Guerini (carlyle!
Date: Wed Aug 12 1992 - 03:37:26 CDT

I wrote:
> I am faced with the dreaded problem of too many open file descriptors.
> The error message mentioned in the Subject: line is output by a user
> package (namely INGRES) as follows:
> > open() failed with UNIX error 24 (Too many open files)
> > ::[2646, 005A6040]: Mon Jul 27 11:19:19 1992 E_DM9004_BAD_FILE_OPEN
> > Disk file open error on database:lomadb4, table:iidevices
> > pathname:/sd1/ingres/ingres/data/default/lomadb4 filename:aaaaaaai.t00
> The question is: how can I increase the number of file descriptors beyond
> the limit of 64 ?

As many of you pointed it out, the hard limit on file descriptors under
SunOS 4.1.2 (yes, I know, I forgot to mention which revision of the O.S.
I was running) is not 64, but 256. It is also possible to increase it to
1024 if needed, by getting SunDBE as an unbundled product.

This was best summarized by Glenn Satchell in the following response:

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From: uupsi!fourx.Aus.Sun.COM!kalli!glenn (Glenn Satchell)
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1992 08:06:12 EST

The simple method is to use a csh wrapper script around the ingres startup, eg

limit descriptors 256
ingres startup goes here...

This will give you 256 descriptors. The default of 64 applies to the
bourne shell also, but there is no way to increase it in.

Other alternatives to think about are getting DBE which can increase
the number of descriptors up to 1024, but the application has to know
how to access these. Most of the databases work much better with DBE

Hope this helps,


Glenn Satchell
Unix Professional Services (Sydney Australia)

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Guy Harris also mentioned that SunOS 5.0 allows 1024 descriptors right off
the bat.

Many thanks to:

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