SUMMARY: NeWSprint / SPARCprinter truncating lines

From: Frank Henderson (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1992 - 19:53:28 CDT

Well, it turns out there's several simple commands for line
wrapping. Most people pointed me to:
     fold -n (splits words at the end of the line!)
     fmt -s -c -n (breaks at word boundaries)

NeWSprint options:
    enscript (many options, default is to wrap lines)
    pl (and use fmt filter)

I even received 2 short c programs :-)

Thanks to (so far) (Donald McLachlan) (Peter Dordal)
sam@john-bigboote.ICS.UCI.EDU (Sam Horrocks) (Chuck Davisson)
<> (Roy Hallquist)
<> (Mike Raffety)
<> (John R. Kilheffer) (Peter Samuel) (Brett Lymn) (David Meiklejohn)

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