Summary: Hitachi 1.6 Gbyte drive problems

From: mwp.michael (MWP.MICHAEL@MELPN1.Prime.COM)
Date: Mon Aug 03 1992 - 23:59:48 CDT

My original query related to Hitachi 1.6 Gbyte drives hanging the SCSI bus:

>Having recently purchased an Hitachi 1.6 Gbyte drive (DK516C-15 is the
>model type "format" returns, 1.6 Gb is the unformatted size) and connected
>to our SPARCstation 1 (running 4.1.1B), we are experiencing SCSI bus
>resets periodically.

Thanks to Dave Stuit <> who pointed out that the firmware needs
to be at the correct Revision. In fact, Hitachi in Sydney saw the original
note (who says vendors don't read Internet) and phoned me, concerned that an
out of rev drive had been delivered. A new drive was dispatched and after
extensive hammering on a SS1 the problem looks to be cured!! The only
discrepency is that Hitachi reckon the firmware is NO28, not NO30...either
way, it works.

Thanks also to others who queried the SCSI length and correct termination. Oh
that the fix had been that simple :)

Cheers, Michael
PrimeService, Australia

> Michael--
> We had a similar problem with our Hitachi DK516C-16 disks. An upgrade
> to current firmware (from NO25 to NO30) seems to have fixed the
> problem.
> --dave
> --
> Dave Stuit
> Lexcel, Anaheim, California, USA (714) 693-2605

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