Attaching shoebox to an ELC (summary)

From: Chris Andersen (ucda@toontown.uucp)
Date: Mon Aug 03 1992 - 10:01:42 CDT

The problem I had was that the ELC recognizes the shoebox disk as sd3 instead of sd0 and
I wasn't using a complete enough kernel to see that this was happening (I was incorrect
when I said before the I had used the GENERIC kernel, sorry about that). I reconfigured our
smaller kernel to recognize sd3 and was able to proceed with the installation. I could have
also changed it from sd3 to sd0, but I decided not to much around with it anymore then was

Thanks to Gertjan van Oosten (, Steve Collins (,
and Mitch Wright ( for help in solving my problem.

Chris Andersen (..!uunet!sequent!toontown!chris)

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