SUMMARY: Serial printer hangs on ALM board

From: Alastair Young (
Date: Wed Jul 29 1992 - 13:53:08 CDT

Once again the list delivers....

Previously I wrote:

>In desparation I turn to sun-managers... I have a serial printer connected
>to one of the ports on the ALM 16 way serial board (comes up as
> mcp0 at vme32d32 0x1000000 vec 0x8b
>at boot). After a few hours of use, or maybe days, it will stop, (no
>communication on the line - checked with breakout box), lpq says
>'... is ready and printing' and the only way I know to clear it is to
>reboot. I applied patch 100225-02 which Sun assured me was the one, and
>the problem went away for a few days but has now returned with a vengeance.

The answer seems to be patch 100397-02. And 4.1.2 doesn't fix it.


Many thanks to all the respondees:

Alastair Young (Systems Supervisor (SMTS)) [note: this is not me]
Peter Shipley <> (Russ Poffenberger) (Ivan Dean)
"Dugal James P." <>
kalli!glenn@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Glenn Satchell)
Paul Humphreys ( Postmaster ) paul@hydres.uucp

Other points raised:

James Dugal says

We're under 4.1.2 and have the same problem, apparently, as you
describe. All our ALM2 ports are attached to a data switch, which
encourages finger-pointing! By the way, only the first 4 ports
of the ALM2 do hardware flow control.

[but what's finger pointing?]

Russ Poffenberger and Paul Humphreys both have flow control problems
with plotters when they are reset or run out of paper which may or may
not be the same problem.

Peter Shipley says

ALM boards are useless, get a Central Data serial board (they live off
the SCSI bus) they have full modem contol etc. great for printers
(unlike ALM boards).

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