SUMMARY: DNI: No Room for New Entry

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1992 - 08:51:16 CDT

A while back I wrote:
>This is a question about Sunlink DNI, Version 7.0
>NCP allows you to update the DEC node database from a DEC
>host with the command:
>("node-id" is a symbolic node name or numerical DECNET address.)
>There appears to be some limit on the number of nodes that can
>be in the DNI "volatile" (in memory) database of nodes/addresses.
>If that limit, whatever it is, is exceeded, you get a string of
>error messages like this from the above command:
>%RESP-F-RERR: - No room for New Entry
>%RESP-F-RERR: - No room for New Entry
>Presumably, up to the point where these messages occur, the
>updating of the in-memory database has proceeded, but once
>the limit is reached, no more node/addresses are entered.

No one replied to this posting. I called Sun support and
learned that my problem is pretty specific to my own situation
here. Du Pont has in excess of 7,000 DECNET nodes and loading
this database with 'dnincp' fills up all the available mbuf's
on the system. This accounts for the errors. So, the problem
is not with Sunlink DNI.

Sun's offered a patch to increase the number of mbuf's, but I'm
not sure I want to do this. Comments? Thanks.

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