SUMMARY: sending screendumps to a Printronix

From: David Way (
Date: Thu Jul 30 1992 - 02:38:43 CDT

On Monday, July 27, I wrote:

> Aad van den Boogaart's recent summary (see SUMMARY #2: Re: Help: screendump
> ?!) on sending raster-image screendumps to a PostScript printer reminded me
> of a capability I'd like to have, namely sending screendumps to a Printronix
> P-300, which is a dot-matrix line printer that can operate in graphics mode.
> An advantage of using this printer over a PostScript printer producing 8.5
> X 11 inch output is that it can print most of an 1152 X 900 screendump,
> unclipped, on 11 X 15 inch paper. The resolution isn't bad considering
> it's a line printer. I know this is possible on this printer because I've
> seen it done when the printer was connected to a different machine. What I
> don't have is a printcap filter (probably invoked with `lpr -v') that can
> put the printer into graphics mode and translate raster file codes into
> Printronix format. Does anyone out there have such a filter they'd be
> willing to share ?

I got exactly 2 responses, both referring me to a package of image format
inter-conversion utilities known as `pbmplus'. I got a copy of it, and
it looks like it'll do just what I want. Among the many programs it
contains are ones to convert Sun raster file format to a portable-bitmap
format, then from that convert to Printronix plot format.

Much obliged to the 2 responders: (Colin Eagle) (Roy Hallquist)

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