SUMMARY: xkernel by email

Date: Tue Jul 28 1992 - 19:19:29 CDT

Thanks to all those who replied, particularly those who offered to email
me a copy. I eventually gave up trying to get a copy from an info-server
accepted a copy from Thank you Chris. Unfortunately I
went and deleted the shar file after unpacking it and the resultant stuff
has since been munged around by our local Xpert so as to be unforwardable
any meaningful way by me. anon ftp access instructions are in the faq.

Xkernel turns your Sun 3 into an Xterminal by doing the following:

Strip the kernel right down and strip all the unnecessary stuff from the
running system.

Replace init with a bourne script which sets up minimal devices and runs
a statically linked Xsun.

Create the swap file with mkfile -n. SunOS only uses the swapfile when it
tries to swap. xkernelling the sun keeps it skinned down enough that it
never does, thus root and swap can be mounted ro by any number of machines.

Run xdm on the server system.

The best contact for any and all info on this nifty configuration is

Seth Robertson <>

who is the author of Xkernel.

My opinion: It is FAST. My window manager is a bit screwed up, but that is
because our local Xpert has the xdm xresources wrong. Unless you know
a lot about X, prepare to learn if you use this software. It isn't quite
plug and play. It IS worth the effort.

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