SUMMARY: Solaris 2.0 & the Migration Kit

From: Bob Drzyzgula (fed!m1rcd00@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Tue Jul 28 1992 - 00:06:31 CDT

Sorry for the delay in getting out this summary.

I received 34 responses. This was quite an interesting exercise,
actually, since the responses that I received varied all over the map.
There are people who already have Solaris 2.0 up and running, and there
are people who are still waiting to see the migration kit, much less
the postcard... There are people who don't care when/if they ever see
Solaris 2.0, and there are people quite upset that they don't have it
yet. There are people who are quite happy, and there are people who are
quite pissed off. Interestingly enough, users outside of the States
seem to be getting their stuff more reliably than we are...

A tabulation (perhaps in error):

Got the Migration Kit: 23
Got the Postcard: 13
Got the OS: 5

Note that it is specifically *not* true that Got the OS => Got the
Postcard => Got the Migration Kit.

BTW, We still have only an early version of the Migration Kit,
and have seen neither the postcard nor the OS.

To quote one respondant, Happy upgrading...

Bob Drzyzgula

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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 92 15:29:00 -0500
From: Bob Drzyzgula <uunet!fed!m1rcd00>
cc: buddy!rcd
Subject: Solaris 2.0 & the Migration Kit

Well, it's July 20. Solaris 2.0 "Shipped" on June 29, three weeks ago.
Anybody who's just a plain old user under software contract seen it?
They said that they were gonna send us a version of the Migration Kit
that contains a postcard that we have to fill out and send back to them
if we actually want a copy of Solaris 2.0 (they're not shipping it to
us, I guess, unless we say "please"). Second question: anybody even
seen this Migration Kit and the aforementioned postcard? (I saw a
Migration Kit sans postcard some time ago...)

Reply to me and I'll summarize...

Bob Drzyzgula
Federal Reserve Board

------- Message 2

You do have to ask for 2.0. Sun is only sending it out to sites that
specifically ask for it.

I heard a story about some letters that were supposed to go to all of
the beta test sites telling them that they needed to request a copy
of the FCS version. Apparently, whoever was responsible for sending
out the letters didn't do it. :-( We may have a copy of the Migration
Kit, but I haven't seen it or the postcard you refer to.

A side note: I attended a one-day Solaris 2.0 administration class
last friday. The instructor strongly recommended against rushing to
upgrade to Solaris 2.0. He suggested upgrading one or two machines
on a network so that the admins and a few carefully-selected users
could get their feet wet. The dot release that's coming towards the
end of the year will be somewhat more useable, and will reportedly
contain a rewritten line printer subsystem that actually works.

------- Message 3

We got more than a postcard to sign - it was a letter with
2 copies of an agreement. that was about a month ago, and
we received the migration kit around the same time. We
received the Solaris 2.0 cd-roms last week.

on the other hand, we're still waiting for NeWSPrint 2.0,
and that was supposed to have come out in February...

------- Message 4

Yes in fact just yesterday I saw a letter from sun with application
form for getting the migration kit. You may have to bother sun to get
it - they were saying in the letter that this release was only for the
developers and real keen people. The real release will be later this
year (well, that's what sun said...)

------- Message 5

I have the migration kit. I have not yet seen the postcard.

------- Message 6

we've been told to call the sales office if we don't receive a new
kit by the end of the month. since we wanted to get a quick start
i borrowed the cd from the local office (they got them last week).
unfortunately they didn't have the new AnswerBook. in any case i've
been fiddling for the last week. having no svr4 (only some svr3)
experience and no manual it's a bit tricky. but you can get by
(at least that's what i think, who knows).

------- Message 7

We are under contract, and haven't seen or heard ANYTHING! BUt would like to.

------- Message 8

| Well, it's July 20. Solaris 2.0 "Shipped" on June 29, three weeks ago.
| Anybody who's just a plain old user under software contract seen it?

We received it today. In fact, we received two copies. It came in a
pretty box, signed by Bill Joy himself(I don't really believe he signed
then all, in fact since it wasn't shipped from Aspen I'm sure he didn't :-)).

| They said that they were gonna send us a version of the Migration Kit...

I also received that...we must be on a different list :-). Actually
I sent the migration kit back. We do all of our work in C++ and it
seems that the genius who designed the migration kit had not heard of
this strange, new language(actually that part is true). It fails with
no grace at all when confronted with C++ source.

------- Message 9


down here in Australia we have just received a request form
to fill in and fax back to SUN Australia to request 2.0, so
they are at least asking us if we want to request it.

However, like you, we don't have the Migration kit yet (but
the request form also asks if we have it and if we want it).

The local guys seem to be reasonably organized, especially
since we usually have a few weeks lag time before any new
releases hit our shores. Our local office already has 2.0
FCS up and running, so they're on the ball.

I'll be interested to see your summary.


------- Message 10

Just a quick note to say that we in the UK also received Migration Kits a few
weeks ago, and ours were without postcards also.

------- Message 11

Maybe it's just because we're in The Netherlands....

I received a migration kit, but no such postcard.
There was a accompanied letter which mentioned indeed that you won't get
it automatically, but on demand.

The question is when they DO send it automatically ? Next year ??
We planned to set up a major upgrade for our 70 Sun's in Januari '93.
Anyway, this means I'm going to ask them to send it, according to our
Software maintenance contract we must get it. Sun NL has never been very
fast with their new releases of S/W, in fact , in most cases I had to ask for
new versions when they were mentioned on this list or elsewhere.

Happy upgrading :-)

------- Message 12

Yes, we got the Migration Kit and this postcard on July 9. (Normally
SUN Germany is not so fast :-) We sent this postcard to sun, but Solaris
2.0 hasn't come yet...


------- Message 13

We've got two migration kits last week and I've sent one card back to Sun.
Since we are here in germany, this is really astonishing.
Usually we get new SW about 1-2 months later than US customers
(I got NeWSprint 2.0 yesterday !).


------- Message 14

In article <9207201929.AA00755@buddy.FRB.GOV> you write:
>Well, it's July 20. Solaris 2.0 "Shipped" on June 29, three weeks ago.
>Anybody who's just a plain old user under software contract seen it?


> Second question: anybody even
>seen this Migration Kit and the aforementioned postcard?

Seen it, scrawled on it, returned it, bought the T-shirt:-).

We got a pile of MK's about a month ago. They've sat on the shelf since then,
because the migration planning's been landed on my shoulders, which is (as
usual) a spooling area. However, I *have* requested Solaris 2.0 as soon as
it becomes available, because I'm itching to find out just how much things
have broken. I'll have enough problem replicating our development environment,
without getting the developing software running in it as well:-(.

------- Message 15

We received version 2 of the migration kit with the postcard asking us
if we would like to receive the first version of Solaris 2.0 or not.

As the first release was only available for 4c and almost no software was
supported I said I would wait for the next release.

------- Message 16

We got one about 2 weeks ago, (and sent the card back saying no thanks).

------- Message 17

Just for your records, we received the migration kit on the 22 June including
postcard (which has been sent off). No sign of Solaris 2.0 yet (we do have
support). Other mail I have seen suggested that the launch on June 29 was
SunSoft releasing Solaris to its OEM customers including Sun (as SMCC). So
we may have to wait for the Sun (SMCC) release.

------- Message 18


I've got the migration kit with the postcard.

------- Message 19

We dream of getting a Migration kit postcard

------- Message 20

I got this box last Friday (?), including the postcard !!
(From SUN MUC for Austria)

The (german) 'postcard' is a Folder (3 'parts'), which one to return
per mail.

The box contains 2 CD's and a porting reference guide.

I really can't imagine that Europe (especially Austria) get's
anything BEFORE U.S. ;-)


------- Message 22

     I got the same story from my sales rep. We've got three migration kits,
and none seem to have an order form for Solaris 2. They're sending us yet
another kit that's supposed to have the postcard in it.

------- Message 23

We did receive a copy of the Solaris 2.0 Migration kit. It included
a form which asks ...

"Check one:

 ____ Please ship me Solaris 2.0 when it becomes available.

 ____ I still have more migration planning to complete. Do not send
      me Solaris 2.0, but please make subsequent versions of Solaris
      available to me."

------- Message 24


The deal is, if you have software maintenance, you get it, but only if
you ask. I called our local sales office and said I want a copy and
they sent it to me. I haven't seen the postcard offer, but I don't
think I would trust Sun sending me Solaris 2.0 (or anything else, for
that matter), by returning a postcard :-)

------- Message 25

We received a migration kit plus postcard more than a week ago.

------- Message 26

You might want to pester your Sun rep. We didn't get our shipment
of Migration kits under contract yet, but our rep found one and sent
it our way. I believe the "postcard" is really a software contract
addendum which needs to be signed and returned to Sun. Meanwhile,
I'm patiently waiting....

------- Message 27

        Migration kit was first given out publicly last July (1991) at
        the SunSoft Developers Conference in San Jose.

------- Message 28

The Solaris 2.0 release on June 29 was *from* SunSoft *to* SMCC (and other
computer vendors). I don't know exactly when SMCC plans to release Solaris
2.0 to end users, although it's supposed to be some time third quarter.
Supposedly, at initial release, support customers will not automatically
receive Solaris 2.0; they must ask to have it shipped.

As for the migration kit, I have seen one at the local Sun sales office. I
used to want one (and still wouldn't mind having one), but now I don't think
it's that big a deal...

------- Message 29

You can try FCS (First Customer Ship) if you want. Me, I'm waiting for
FWV (First Working Version) sometime in late 1993, thereby reducing my
Maalox consumption by 97%...

------- Message 30

I already called Sun on this one; the postcard was NOT included in the
kit, and was mailed out separately to everyone on support last week.
You should be getting the postcard to request Solaris 2.0 any day now.

------- Message 31

We have the migration kit, along with Solaris 2.0 beta (and the C compiler,
Answerbook, and Sparcworks Beta), the beta was released in Feb, we got it
in early June. I heard we would get the real thing in about two weeks (I
heard that about two weeks ago).

------- Message 32

well, i'm not just a plain old user under software contract;
i'm the se for intelligent electronics, one of the three sun
master resellers, so maybe i get some preferential treatment.
i do have the fcs version of solaris 2.0. i've loaded it three
times, it's much, much better than the early access version.
i have seen the migration kit, lots of pretty cool documentation.
i'll probably open it up later today, i'll give you a more
detailed idea what's in it.

------- Message 33

I have seen the Migration Kit. It consists of the following:

1. Solaris 2.0 Transition Planning Guide for Application Developers
2. Making the Move to Solaris 2.0 (looks like it was prepared by a
        marketing firm, not for Sys.Admin. or R&D).
3. Solaris 2.0 Migration Program Resource Guide for Application
4. Pipeline to Solaris 2.0: A Porting Reference Guide for Software
5. CD-ROM: SPARC International Developer's ToolChest Vol 1 Rel 1
6. CD-ROM: Solaris Migration 1.0->2.0

As nearly as I can tell, none of these documents are very useful and
because I hate OpenWindows so much, I haven't tried out the CD-ROMs.

I have two of the Migration Kits and neither one contains a postcard
to return for *anything*.

Basically, I'm quite pissed off with Sun...and this is not the only issue
that has led me to this pissed off state.

------- Message 34

Hi Bob,
 I am running Solaris 2.0 on the other disk. The system was up and running,
 and I was able to run some of the old 4.1.x applications in the BCP mode.
 Some of the application donot work (such as Frame, Interleaf ...). The
 OS appears to be quite stable. It runs OW 3.x and people wouldn't notice
 that you are running Solaris 2.0. The only thing I've noticed was that
 the boot up sequence appears to be slow, and a lot of your shell scripts
 will break :-( and needs to be modified. You will probably need larger
 local disk (such as 207MB or 424MB disk).

------- Message 35

I have received both my Solaris 2.0 CD's and my
Migration Kits including the paper to send back.

------- Message 36

The kits should have shipped to customers by the end of last
week. They are to be sent to the "contacts" listed on the
software support contracts. The kit should have arrived or be
arriving in the very near future.

In the kit is a letter/card (I really don't know what it is)
with a new object code license agreement and a reply mechanism.
Returning this "mechanism" will get you Solaris 2.0.

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