SUMMARY postscript: ttya "breaks" into console mode

From: Steve Campbell (
Date: Sun Jul 19 1992 - 15:28:42 CDT

In my summary to this question I wrote:

> If you tie a 4.7K resistor between pins 3 and 25 of the ttya port, you
> electrically prevent a BREAK signal either from the key or from
> disconnecting or powering down the terminal. This prevents intentional
> halts except by removing the resistor but does allow recabling.

> Oh, by the way, I plan to use the 4.7K resistor solution. In the unlikely
> event of a hang, we'll flip off the resistor and hit BREAK.

Several people have pointed out that this resistor does not prevent the
terminal's BREAK key from generating a BREAK signal and halting the
machine. It does prevent a BREAK signal if the terminal is turned off
or disconnected. Thanks for the clarification. I still plan to use it.

                                                        Steve Campbell
                                                        Dartmouth College

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