SUMMARY II: sendmail - help needed

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1992 - 13:48:13 CDT

Quite a while ago I posted this message:
> I am about to roll around on the floor and froth at the mouth.
> Sendmail is driving me nuts!!
> My problem is that when I mail a message the return path includes the
> server (not the workstation I was using). Want I really want is to
> have NO hostnames in the return-path at all. That is instead of
> seeing a return path:
> I would like
> I have the following line as my official hostname on both clients and
> servers:
> Dj$m
> I have tried playing with some of the re-writing rules but I could not
> find the one that is putting the server's name in the return-path.
> Can someone please give me some guidance. Thanks.

Later I posted a SUMMARY for this problem (which I don't seem to have
kept :-( ) which is WRONG - I discovered later that the configuration
that I described WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY.

Previously I stated that you should have a as you on all MX machines - WRONG this should only be so on the
mail relay host all other machines should have the client

On the mail gateway machine you need to set the following:

either of the following:




Note the sun comments are wrong, apparently mail can be rejected if
you use the Dj$m as instructed in the comments (thanks to Neil Rickert
for pointing this out)

Set the DR and CR to point to the correct external host

Set the Dm and Cm records, I set mine like this:

Where is our DNS domain and myall is the mail relay host.

My apologies for the incorrect information before, the wheels did not
come off the mail system until about 24 hours later.

Brett Lymn
Computer Systems Administrator
AWA Defence Industries

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