SUMMARY: HSFS On SunOs 4.1.2 (Solaris 1.0.1)

From: Darrin Robinson (
Date: Fri Jul 24 1992 - 11:19:46 CDT

In article <14n6ssINNqq2@stanley.cis.Brown.EDU> (Darrin Robinson) writes:
>Does anyone have the patch for Version 4.1.2 of SunOs for the
>bug (or workaround) for structured files. The patch is to
>the hs_parsedir and I have the 4.1 and 4.1.1 patch to hsfs_node.o
>but I'm running 4.1.2 now and need to repatch that object.
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Thanks to all that responded... (Jim Davis) (Peter Ford) (Thomas Wong)

The patch follows...

As both of you found out, Sun cannot read the guide star
catalog cdrom from NASA. This is because all of the data
files are of type RECORD, which Sun chose not to support because
there is no UNIX interface to access the RECORD structure file.

Attached is a kernel patch that you can make your Sun
machine to read the guide star cdrom. As a precaution, please
save your old kernel before applying this patch.

for SunOS 4.1.2

acuraintegra# adb -w vmunix
>>>> hs_parsedir+c0?X
_hs_parsedir+0xc0: ba0de0ee
>>>> hs_parsedir+c0?Wba0de0e6
_hs_parsedir+0xc0: 0xba0de0ee = 0xba0de0e6
>>>> hs_parsedir+1a4?X
_hs_parsedir+0x1a4: ba0de0ee
>>>> hs_parsedir+1a4?Wba0de0e6
_hs_parsedir+0x1a4: 0xba0de0ee = 0xba0de0e6
>>>> $q

Note: >>>> is added to illustrate what you should type.
You need to reboot.

YOu can also edit the file in OBJ/hsfs_node.o.

Any question, please let me know.

Feel free to pass along this patch to those who need this fix.




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