SUMMARY: Newsprint will only print monochrome

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Mon Jul 27 1992 - 09:33:38 CDT

Previously I had submitted the following message:

> Hello,
> I *thought* that I saw somewhere in netland someone claiming
> that Newsprint 2.0 cannot print colour images to HP Paintjet printer.
> Something to do with the postcript to HPCL conversion software or
> something like that - anyway needless to say I was not paying
> attention too much at the time and also needless to say that now I am
> being asked if we can hook up a paintjet and print some nice colour
> pictures. Can anyone confirm or deny the above?

Nobody could/would deny my assertion about NewsPrint only printing in
monochrome on a paintjet. I had some kind offers for software to do
the rasterisation and drivers for the paintjet for NewsPrint. Others
suggested I use GhostScript to perform the task, this is the path I
chose and I am happy with the results, I can now spool a colour
postscript file to the paintjet printer and get a reasonable print

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