SUMMARY: Using an HP DeskJet 500C with NeWSprint

From: Charlie Dennett (dennett@sunshine.Kodak.COM)
Date: Sun Jul 26 1992 - 10:15:27 CDT

A few days ago I asked about using an HP DeskJet 500C with NeWSprint.
(It supports the 500 but not the 500C.) I'd like to thank Russ Engle
of Sun who told me about the archive server
(although there is doubt as to whether the archive server works!),
Brett Hogden ( who told me about an ftp site, and
Ross Porter ( who told me about a second
ftp site.

The ftp sites as as follows: /pub/sun/newsprint/djc /pub-write/NeWSprint/djc.tar.Z

Both of these have the same drivers. It includes a patch so that the
printer name is correct upon installation.

There is one more small change to make. Thanks for this one goes to
Richard Berlin of Sun.

Once the printer is installed (using add_np_printer), a .param file is
created in the spool directory. In that .param file you will find a
line like this:


I had to change this to read:


since the printer was attached to the bpp interface of the sparccard.

Quick installation instructions. Unload the tar file into the
printer_classes directory and run add_np_printer. I was able to print
the tiger's head color postscript file that comes with Openwindows. We
tried to print a color FrameMaker file, but could not at first. I had
to assign a font license to the printer (I removed it from the
Sparcprinter and put it on the 500C for the test. Guess I'll have to
get a second license for the 500C.)

Hope this helps. The curious might also want to explore the archive
server. Send an email message to and put any
command in either the Subject: line or the message itself. The command
"help" is a good one to start with. Another good command to try is
"send index". (without the quotes)

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