SUMMARY: 3270 with GDDM support?

From: Per Jonsson (
Date: Tue Jul 14 1992 - 19:21:40 CDT

This was the question:
I am looking for a 3270 type of terminal emulater that supports GDDM graphics and runs over TCP/IP.
Does anyone know about such a product, commercial or free?

And the answers:

1. Sun Microsystem's CG3270 product. This is the emulator of choice for most
   people with Sun workstations. One potential drawback though is the fact
   that it is a NeWS based application. If you aren't running OpenWindows,
   it won't work for you.

Sun's CG3270 emulator supports GDDM and uses TCP/IP. Note that this
product also requires Gateway software (e.g Sun's SNA3270 or Sun's BSC 3270)
which handles communication with the IBM host and up to 32 CG3270 sessions.
The latest version of CG3270 (version 7.1; which I have not received yet)
requires Openwindows 3.0.

2. Mitek corporation produces a good PC based 3179G emulator that a number
   of people here use. They also have a Sun version that is based on X11.
   The PC version is good, and tests of the Sun X11 version looked good too,
   although we did not purchase it. The last address I have for them is:

        Mitek Systems Corp.
        2033 Chennault Drive
        Carrollton, Texas 75006
        Tel. (214) 490-4090
        Fax. (214) 490-5052

3. OCS tn3179g does a very nice job for most things.

You might want to check out TN3179G, a product which emulates an
IBM 3179 Graphics terminal. We use it here and it works well.
The vendor is OpenConnect Systems of Dallas, Texas. The telephone
number is (214) 490-4090. The application runs in an OpenWindows tty
window. The asking price is about $700 a copy, but they offer good
discounts for multiple copies. They will also send you a 30-day
evaluation copy upon request.

4. IBM has a commercial X-3270 products for Suns. Check it out for that
reature. It the most extensive support I've met.

Many thanks to:

Jim Traeber
Chuck Malmsten
Jon A. Tankersley
Oran Davis
Larry Steury

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