SUMMARY: Mounting IPC floppy drive

From: Hanh Vu - xt 2801 (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1992 - 20:57:43 CDT


>I am having difficulty mounting the internal floppy drive on our IPC's onto
>/pcfs. I,
> 1) put a DOS formatted, writable floppy in drive
> 2) mount /pcfs (as root)
>Then I get the error:
>mount_pcfs: /dev/fd0 on /pcfs type pcfs: I/O error
>mount: giving up on:
> /pcfs
>Has anyone seen this before and can give me a hint?


The IPC floppy drive can only read a high-density disk formatted as high-density.
My disk was 720K formatted as 1.4MB so it didn't work.

Although none of these are true in my case, many also pointed out that possible
problems will arise from these "obvious" mistakes:

   1) the floppy is not writable, or is not DOS formatted, or is corrupted
   2) the kernel is not configured with the pcfs option
   3) /usr/etc is not in the path

Some mentioned out that mounting the floppy drive this way also presents
some security risks and suggest I try 'mtools' (available in the /pub/mtools
directory at I heed their wise council, compiled it and it is
working beautifully.

Many thanks to all those who replied. I regret not listing your names in
full glory but the list is quite long <smile>.

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