Re: SUMMARY: seeking advice on 4/670 vs. sparcstation 10 model 52

From: Jim Budler (
Date: Sat Jul 18 1992 - 14:56:21 CDT

In article <> (Steve Jay {Ultra Unix SW Mgr}) writes:
>Although I know from first hand experience that the VMEbus on a 600MP works,
>I go along with those who say a 600MP is a waste of money compared to
>an SS10. In fact, an IPX or SS2 runs as fast as single current 600MP CPU.
>This is not a new concept: I considered the 4/4xx servers a waste
>compared to the desktop SparcStations.

Well, not always 8^) Last year I turned down Sun's offer of an upgrade
from our 4/260 to a 4/470. I didn't want to put any more upgrades into a
very old 3/160 chassis.

This year I very happily accepted an "upgrade" to a 4 CPU, 2 gigabyte
disk, 64 meg RAM, 4/670.

This "upgrade" was a whole new machine. We had to send back the cpu,
memory board, and backplane.

Cost: $36K less catalyst discount. I'm quite happy with the new server.
And it didn't cost very much, either.

Now does anyone want the large hunk of metal that remains?


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