SUMMARY: old SCSI vs. new SCSI devices/connectors

From: David Erb (
Date: Thu Jul 09 1992 - 23:44:31 CDT

Here are my question and a digest of the responses. Many thanks to all
who responded. I got my cable from Cables to Go because they were the
cheapest. It did work.


> I have a 4/150 which connects to a disk using a SCSI cable
> which has connectors with 50 pins in 3 rows. I want to hook
> a newer CD unit to the same SCSI bus, but the CD unit
> has a different type of connector: also 50 pins but they
> are much smaller pins and organized in two rows.
> 1. can I do this?

everyone said yes, silly

> 2. what is the 3-row connector called (DB-50?)

"50-pin D-shell".
"DB-50 Male"

> 3. what is the 2-row connector called (SCSI2?)

"MicroD SCSI"
"Mini-50 SCSI-II"

> 4. where do I get a converter from one to the other?

Cables to Go 1-800-CBL-TOGO $35
SunExpress 1-800-USA-4SUN $120
Inmac 1-800-547-5444 P/N H910450 $99 (catalog has pictures)
National Instruments 1-800-IEEE-488
SunShine 1.908.842.5757 (NJ) for their catalog (has pictures?)
Black Box 412-746-5530 P/N GC-EVNSC)5-0006-MM $84.00
VCP Products at 1-800-235-9394 $60

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