SUMMARY: x3270 and Openwin version 3.0

From: Claudia McIntyre (
Date: Fri Jul 10 1992 - 15:14:30 CDT

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Original message:
> We are running OW3.0 and SunOS4.1.2.
> x3270 worked fine with OW2, but we get the following messages with OW3.0:
> Warning: Cannot convert string "3270" to type FontStruct
> Warning: Using default keymap only
> The x3270 window comes up, but is unreadable.
> Any suggestions?

Here's the solution...Thanks to Rob Scott!

You need to install the Openwindows Version 3 font for x3270 in
/usr/openwin/lib/fonts, and then build a new font family map in that directory
with the bldfamily command.

I just scanned our Makefile, and I'm afraid that I can't pinpoint any
specific changes that we made regarding fonts. You will need to look up
a description of OW3 fonts in the man pages to determine how to make
the fonts included with the source into something usable by OW3. The
bldfamily is the key to installing it properly after you have an OW3 format
font file.


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