Raster to HP/GL Summary

From: Rick Morris (rick@sadtler.sadtler.com)
Date: Wed Jul 08 1992 - 07:44:33 CDT

Thank you all for your help with the Raster to HP/GL application I
requested. I think there was enough interest and variety in
solutions to warrent a summary:


From: "COCKBURN, ANDREW F" <uupsi!gnv.ifas.ufl.edu!afc>

I have been trying to do this myself. IslandPaint from Island Graphics
can output TIFF files and accepts raster images, especially screen dumps.
Unfortunately, getting these TIFF files into a PC application is
problematic, due to incompatable TIFF formats (are ther any other kind?)

I have just bought Conversion Artist for my PC, and this seems to be an
answer. It reads Sun raster images and outputs just about any PC graphics
format that you can think of. It runs only under Windows, BTW. I have
successfully imported images from my Sparc 2 to the PC this way. North
Coast Software is the manufacturer. PC Magazine reviewed graphics
conversion programs last month, so you should look at that article.

If you get any other advice, please summarize and post. I am certainly
interested in other approaches.


From: uupsi!svb.guug.de!svb (Sebastian v. Bomhard)

EPS is the easiest. Look at ras2ps, that'll do the trick. (Hope it's
still there under OW3.0, I'm using OW2.0) There is no man page, but
it works sort of selfexplanatory.


From: uupsi!uniware.dk!jensm (Jens Mikael Jensen)

Hi Rick

I just read you news letter in comp.sys.sun

The product we are using is Image Alchmy from Handmade Software Inc

There adress is

Handmade Software Inc
15951 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 17
Los Gators CA 95032

Phone (408) 358-1293

Internet: hsi@netcom.COM


From: uupsi!hawaii.gmd.de!richard (Richard Czech)

Take a look at the PPM (portable pixmap) package. You find it on
a good ftp archive near you. Included in this package are a lot
of filters. The filters you need are

        xwdtoppm ppmtopcx

Then you can do the job like this:

        xwd | xwdtoppm | ppmtopcx > file.pcx


Thanks again!

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