SUMMARY - sendmail (Patch 100377-04)

From: Allott P R (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1992 - 17:55:29 CDT

I originaly asked;

>> We have had what appears to be "timing problems" with the above patch
>> of sendmail.
>> When a machine is rebooted, attempts to mail to it are bounced "unknown user".
>> Several ways to overcome the problem
>> (1) Move the sendmail -bd.... line to the end of /etc/rc.local
>> (2) add a /usr/lib/sendmail -bz line just before the -bd line
>> (3) Stop and restart sendmail by hand on each reboot.
>> (4) remove the sendmail.fc file and do not rebuild it
>> Suggestion (4) came from SUN.
>> Can someone explain what is going on here, and how to get things to
>> be reliable and still use sendmail.fc files?

It appears that sendmail interacts with /etc/ and ldconfig

We have found that if you build the freeze file and start the daemon both
before doing a "ldconfig" then all is well at least on non-NIS machines.
However the best advice seems to be to move all references to sendmail after
the ldconfig line in /etc/rc.local

It appears this was discussed at length a few months ago in relation to
SUNOS 4.1.2

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