SUMMARY: Bad SIMM Replaced; Now Illegal Instruction

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1992 - 18:26:55 CDT

Yesterday, I wrote:

>I just replaced a bad SIMM on a 4/110 and, while the memory
>check is successful, the system now reports the following
>when trying to boot (it's a diskless client, and succeeds
>with tftpboot, then generates the message):
>Illegal Instructions "0x3210200" encountered at PC 0x002024C4
>The system was booting successfully with the bad SIMM when the
>memory check was skipped.

Thanks to:

From: (Ralph Merwin)
From: Dave Wilmot <>
From: (Zod Mansour)

I had a SIMM mismatch--and the darned part number is printed
right on the SIMM.

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