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Date: Fri Jul 03 1992 - 01:50:54 CDT

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Well, my original message said:


    Pertinent information:
    Print server: Solbourne Series5
    OS: OS/MP 4.1A.1 Export
    Printer: HP LaserJet IIIsi

    When we send large jobs to the printer via lpr, the job resets
    about 60 pages and starts over. Of course, if you let it run, it
    resets over and over, but not at the same page every time. Has
    every seen this before?

    Also, whenever a PC prints via PCNFS, the job always has my name on
    it. Anyone know how I can fix this?

I got 6 responses. Not quite what I was expecting...
Thanks to the following:
        John R. Kilheffer <>
        Craig Mason <>
        Dave Wilmot <> (Clarence Wilkerson)
        Dwight Ernest <>

three people said I need a new pcnfsd and one was even nice
enough to give it to me.

two people said, "Oh! So that's where you're working now. Nice to
hear from you once in a while."

two people said to make sure mx is set to 0 (mx#0) which it is.

one person said to make sure there is enough spool space on the
    Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
    /dev/xd0d 533345 101518 378492 21% /var
and I sure HOPE there's enough... :-)

So, the PCNFS problem has been identified but the large print job reset
problem is still a mystery.

Would adding memory to the printer help?
Can flow control to the printer do this?
Maybe the printcap needs to be adjusted?
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Still Clueless...
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