Dump parameters for EXB-8500 [summary]

From: tim@crash.canon.co.uk
Date: Fri Jun 26 1992 - 12:38:34 CDT

In <1992Jun22.095147.22120@canon.co.uk>, I asked:
|What should the blocking/density/size parameters be set to for an EXB-8500?

Thanks to the following people who replied:
        jgp@moscom.com (Jim Prescott)
        birger@vest.sdata.no (Birger A. Wathne)
        Jeff@digtype.airage.com (Jeff Wasilko)

Before I get on with the summary, it's worth noting (thanks jgp) that
``the size and density are just lies to get dump to spit out the right
numbers; using the actual tape density (which is several million)
causes dump to get an arithmetic overflow. Any combination of size &
density that makes dump think your tape is larger than your largest
filesystem (so that it will never ask for a second tape) will work

block/density/length summary:

112/54000/14400 jpg
126/54000/12000 birger (``double the length for the 8200'')
126/13000/54000 Jeff
126/108000/6000 Jeff

jpg also pointed out that ``112 is an optimal block size for all
exabytes'' since it is the ``largest multiple of 8k less than 64k''
(gives 56k block).

-- Tim [O'Donoghue] <tim@crash.canon.co.uk> <...!uunet!uknet!canon!tim>

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