X11R5 Sparc Bin's SunOS4.1 SUMMARY

From: Jonny Farringdon (ucjtrjf@ucl.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Jun 16 1992 - 12:03:16 CDT

Thank you *very* much for responding so quickly.

I've gone for the setup at ra.nrl.navy.mil for various
reasons, and everything seems to work fine - just have
to learn how to fly the thing now !-)

In summary:

Request: X11R5 binarys for Sun Sparc SunOS 4.1
        set up in a *sensible* way (directory structure).
        Needed beacuse we don't have the disk space to
        unpack the distribution, &c.

        . Bill Bailey <dbgwab@arco.com> Voice : (214) 754-6779
          Very helpfull, (seemingly) offering src ^/V bins

        . isis.dccs.upenn.edu [] X11R5 patchlevel 9
          in pub/X11R5. Tahnks to Hal Pomeranz. Cut up into a
          few too many pieces for me (cant get mget to be automatic!)

        . X11R5 for sparc 4.1.1 compressed tar over 23 meg,
          offered is i couldn't find one closer to home, by David,

        . Suggestion of Bob Bruce's GNU/X11R5 CD-ROM. Check
          alt.cd-rom for details rather than (info from)
          Thomas (thomas@duteca.et.tudelft.nl

        . ra.nrl.navy.mil [] x11r5 p9 (?)
          One *big* (11Meg) tar.Z file. /bin /include
          /lib /man This is the one I get, just because`
          it cane in one lump. Thanks to chas, chas@curie.nrl.navy.mil.

        . Yutaka Kataoka kataoka@ohara.info.waseda.ac.jp, sen me info
          on X11R5 + multilingual clients binary, archived.
          I was allready set up when i recieved this, but then
          it looked a little big for me at 50Meg unpacked.

General Info:
        . Some of us in the UK can do ftp over the internet, but
          many of us can't do name resolution (yet?, or name
          anything!), so the IP address is very handy (and
          inserted by me above).

        . 'cos we're on SunOS4.1 and the bins were made on
          a later OS we get a number of `... has older revision
          than expected' the preg then works fine - so far -
          this does mean we need to start X up with
          % xinit >& /dev/null else the background gets clobbered

Thanks once again to you *ALL*. Shame no one in the UK came up
with the goods, but then again we probobly wouldn't have been
able to FTP it from a UK site anyway !-)

Jonny. ucjtrjf@ucl.ac.uk

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