SUMMARY: Fun with groups

From: Jan M. Sys Admin (marquard@astrosun.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Date: Tue Jun 23 1992 - 19:27:49 CDT

Hello all,
     Well that was a pleasantly quick fix to a problem. Thank you all.
The problem was that a certain user was not gaining access to a file
that was only accessable to a group called REU even though REU was
listed in the NIS group map as his secondary group.
     The answer can be best summed up by Michael Sullivan who said:

>You need to rebuild the NIS maps with:
> cd /var/yp
> make
>You probably did "make group" when you added jim to REU, but that is
>insufficient, the netid maps also need to be made.

Bingo, once I just ran make rather than 'make group' all went well.
Thanks to all who responded including:
         Mark Plotnick
        Emmett Hogan
        Jim Hendrickson
        Gregory Higgins
        Jim Mattson
        Hal Stern
        Jacques Beigbeder
        Mike Raffety
        Mike Sullivan
        Barry Margolin
        Matthew Donaldson
         Maurizio Codogno
        Dunstan Vavasour
        Dave Mitchell
        Kevin McElearney
        Ron Stanonik
        Chuck Yerkes
        Stephan Kowal
        Rich Schultz
                                Jan Marquardt
                                402 Space Sciences
                                Ithaca NY 14853

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