SUMMARY: printer hang on serial port

From: ken lewis (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1992 - 12:35:52 CDT

Better late than never...

Its been about a month since I asked...

        Are there any work arounds/patches for the following problem
        besides power cycling the system.
        A Sparc 2 w/ 4.1.2 with a printer using xon/xoff on ttyb gets
        into a state where lpc says it ready and printing but a visual
        check says no way.
        All possibilities of aborting, cleaning, resetting the queue in
        conjunction with power cycling the printer appear to have been
        exhausted with no effect.
        Killing and restarting lpd has no effect either.
            39 hplaser:\
            38 :rm=asti_1:rp=hplaser:\
            39 :lp=/dev/ttyb:sd=/usr/spool/hplaser:lf=/usr/adm/lpd-errs:\
            40 :ms=ixon,raw:br#9600:sh:sf:mx#0:
        guesses, hints, answers to
Thanks to:
Norm Lunde <>
Bill Stapleton <>
Charles Grady <> (Paul B. Henninger) (Ivan Dean)
earle@poseur.JPL.NASA.GOV (Greg Earle - Sun JPL on-site Software Support)
hydres!paul (Dr. Dave Checketts)
ldavis!woden!gunn@snowbird.Central.Sun.COM (David Gunn)

Solutions included...

1) Don't do xon/xoff with HP products if you have a choice. - Greg Earle

2) i have some printers that are connected to a Sun through a
wiring closet (same as our UTP connections), and when these
printers hang up, i have to: "lpc stop", "lpc abort", dis-
connect the cabling _at_the_computer_end_, & "lpc start".
i haven't had a chance to figure out why this is necessary,
but it might help... - paul henninger

3) Patch 100225 was suggested but it was also described as not working
in 2 situations.

4) I chose patch 100397 which was said to be obsoleted by 4.1.2 but appears
to have worked for us. Recommended by Ivan Dean

Thanks to all.


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