SUMMARY: Mail from an 'at' or 'batch' job

From: Joel L. Seber ... CH210 (JLS2013@TNTECH.BITNET)
Date: Thu Jun 18 1992 - 21:10:00 CDT

Once again, the list comes through! This may be a good question and answer
for the FAQ list...
My original query:
>Systems: Sparcstation 1,1+,IPC,2
>OS: SUNOS 4.1.1, no patches
>Keywords: at, batch, mail
>I have some users who are starting jobs remotely at night with the 'batch'
>command, default queue. They have attempted to use the '-m' option to get a
>mail notice when the job is complete. However, even after successful
>completion of the job, no mail is received. I tried this on a small,
>immediate job, and had no problems receiving mail from it.
>Their jobs are started late at night and run for as long as 24 hours. I do
>nothing other than fairly standard housekeeping functions during the early
>morning hours on the network (deleting core dumps, etc.). If anyone has heard
>about this problem, please mail me. I will summarize.
The answer is, my "fairly standard housekeeping" included cleaning out /tmp
daily. Both respondees pointed out that cron and at stores the message text
to be sent in /tmp, and cleaning it would be, at best, distasterous for such
jobs' mail output. I told the users of 'at' and 'batch' to just redirect
all output of their programs to a disk file in their own accounts for now.
Thanks much to: (David Moline) (Earl Locken)
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