SUMMARY: Solaris 2.0

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Wed Jun 10 1992 - 22:04:31 CDT

In a nut shell, I got these answers (some far more complete than others).

Right now Solaris 2.0 is beta/Early Access.

Solaris 1.1 Version A (aka. SunOS 4.1.3) begins shipping in late August.

Sparc 10's and MP's are supposedly going to be able to have Solaris 2
shipped for them as early as June 22[...]

They have planned 3 release of Solaris 2.x:
Solaris 2.0 (Ross) June 1992
Solaris 2.1 (Mars) November 1992
Solaris 2.2 (Thor)

Be sure to plan for a course on managing Solaris 2.0, it seems vastly
different at least after first trying to install it.

It would be nice to get an early version of Solaris 2.0 if possible
and bring it up on a standalone WS to see what will break.

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