SUMMARY: watchdog reset on boot from tape

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1992 - 17:19:54 CDT

Yesterday, I posted:

>I've inherited a dusty 4/110 and am trying to install 4.1.1
>on it. Attempting to boot the miniroot from tape generates
>a "watchdog reset" error, and the boot fails with no other
>error messages. What are possible reasons--and solutions--
>for this? Thanks.

First, thanks to all those who replied; the list below is a
perfect demonstration of how great this list is:

From: (Mike Rembis 6259)
From: (Roger Moises)
From: jsin@JANET.UCLA.EDU (John Sin)
From: (Ralph Merwin)
From: ukw!kevin (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
From: (Tim White)
From: Mike Raffety <>
From: (Paulo L. de Geus)
From: deltam!tigger!jt@uunet.UU.NET (jim wills)
From: (Evan L. Marcus [Fusion Systems Group, Ltd.])

The replies I received fell into 4 main categories:

o Check the SCSI connections;

o Make sure you're using 'sun4' tapes (not 'sun4c);

o Check the 4/110's memory; and

o Check the 4/110's PROM level.

The last proved to be the key in my case. PROM level is 1.6,
and the 4.1.1 Release Notes specifically state that the minimum
PROM level for a 4/110 is 2.8. This really was a dusty old
machine. Thank, again.

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