Re: Plotting packages for the Sun (summary)

From: Kevin E Cosgrove (kevinc@tekig6.PEN.TEK.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 11 1992 - 11:33:24 CDT

In article <> you write:
>xvgr - OpenLook/Sun 2 - PD, described as powerful
>xmgr - Motif/HP/DEC/RS6000
>ACE/gr 1 - PD
> - good XY plotting tool for X
> - good funtions/options, many std output formats

        Looking at the doc's for xvgr one finds something titled
        "ACE/gr". The author of xvgr says that xvgr and xmgr are
        essentially the same, but written for the different window
        managers, as indicated above. I suspect all three tools are
        the same.

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