SUMMARY: Problems with Quantum 100 MByte drives (with a twist! : -)

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Tue Jun 02 1992 - 18:30:30 CDT

I posted recently about a problem with some Quantum 100 MByte drives
"dying" after a power outage. As I suspected, this was the known
problem with these drives freezing up after a power outage. It was
my understanding that tapping/hitting these drives was the solution
to getting them to work, but after several light taps didn't work,
I posted my problem to the net asking how hard does one hit them! :-)

I got a dozen or so responses - mucho thanx. Most people said to hit 'em,
but several people said they key is to twist 'em which did the trick.
Thanx to the following people that recommended a "safer" approach:
   heisz@sparky.Phy.QueensU.CA (Jeff Heisz) (Frank P. Bresz) (Jim Harmon) (Jerry Tuneberg)

Finally, Craig A Zook 283-4206 <> sent me
a detailed procedure that included opening up the drive (voiding the
warrenty) and manually spinning it up. Although this sounds scary, he
mentioned that it has worked 19 out of 20 times for him.

Thanx again for all of the responses,

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