SUMMARY: SS2 crashing with 'Memory address alignment' error

From: valerie caro (VALERIE@cs.umass.EDU)
Date: Thu Jun 04 1992 - 23:48:03 CDT

   In response to my message about sparc Station 2 crashing
with the error: Memory address alignment, I got 2 suggestions:

- perhaps you have 1MEG SIMMS in lower Memory
  banks than your 4MEG SIMMS, the 4MEG SIMMS *MUST* be in the lower
  numbered banks.
- A bad memory simm. Take out the CPU board and reseat the simms.
  or try replacing them one at a time until it no longer crashes.

 On the error panic: swap_xlate
I got one response from pwh@bradley.bradley.EDU :
>We saw the swap_xlate errors at a time when we had a third-party
>(CIPRICO) SCSI driver installed on our 4/670MP. Seems something
>was asking for swap, it thought it got allocated, but when it
>finally went to access it, it wasn't there.
>Removing the card and the driver software took care of it.

   We are trying to find a bad memory simm but have yet to locate it.
We do not have a third party SCSI driver so that suggestion was ruled

Thanks to:

   Valerie Caro

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