SUMMARY: SCSI on 4/280 ?

Date: Fri Jun 05 1992 - 17:53:23 CDT

The results are in, and much to *nobody's* surprise:
        Sun #501-1217 SCSI-3 board, aka Option 598A

is now and has been supported by Sun.

HOWEVER: It's NOT supported for all devices, particularly the
interesting ones: 8mm tapes and CD-ROMs. Users results vary.

My thanks to all the respondants, with the following modifiers:
- Steve Swaney mentioned Box Hill Systems
- Bob Reardon and Ned Danieley mentioned Falcon Systems
- Mark Wallen mentioned Apunix
- Barry Shein mentioned various 3rd-party sources
- Phil Ritzenthaler mentioned Pinnacle Data Systems
- Arie Bikker mentioned Interphase

Get with the program, folks; my original message was quite specific:
>Is there another maker of SCSI boards for a 4/280 which will NOT
>I repeat NOT require the use of their own driver?

An apparent exception is the board from Falcon, which Ned says
"works just great" with the GENERIC kernel. Still: read and
understand before responding, okay? For instance, I had already
talked to Box Hill, so I know that they require their own driver.

My favorite suggestion was from Marcel Bernards (just how do I
get a SCREAMNet connection to the Netherlands, Marcel?):
>So take hold of your sales rep's tie and slowly tighten it till he sells you
>an official Sun supplied VME SCSI(1) interface. :-)

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