SUMMARY: PCL-Postscript converter needed

From: David Tock (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1992 - 09:04:31 CDT

I received 9 replies to my original posting (included at the end) requesting
information about PCL to Postscript converters.

Thanks to all those who did reply.

CONCLUSION: There is no such beast.

        4 - mee too...
        1 - suggestted contacting the supplier of the PS->PCL converter. I
            suspect this would be futile as they would simply say that the
            cartridge can be disabled, so do it that way.
        1 - suggested that if we were using NeWSprint, we could possibly use
            'magic' to 'try and figure' out if the file was PCL - we are not
            and plain text is valid PCL so there is no 'signature'
        2 - pointed out the method of switching between modes, and one had
            made (moderately) successful scripts for doing so. I have tried
            this, but we still keep losing jobs, as did the other respondent.
        1 - suggested 'cobbling together' a filter
        1 - pointed out that a LaserJet alrady understood PCL - thanks for the
            thought, but I think they missed the point slightly...
        1 - suggested Chris Lewis's psroff-3.0. I looked at this briefly but
            could not see how it would help - I could well be missing something
            obvious, though.
        1 - recommended replacing the HP with a QMS PS1700 which does PCL and
            PS automatically. This is not quite meet the budget requirements!

I know this adds up to more than 9, but some people suggested more than one
idea. There is obviously interest in such a program, and at least for PCL2,
I think a home brew filter of some description may be the answer.


Apologies to those who consider this inappropriate - I disagree.

The PostScript printer on our Sun network gave up last week and is away
for repair for an unknown length of time. In the mean time we have fitted
our HP LaserJetIII with Pacific Page PE - So far so good. This is working
as a direct replacement for the original as far as the Suns are concerned.
We do have some software that insists on driving a HP-PCL printer. So...

Does anyone have a PCL to PostScript filter, or suggest any other ways of
getting PCL out to this printer?

  David Tock, Mathematical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

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