Summary of 1.2 GB internal disk drives

From: James R. Seamans (seamans@hrmis.csb)
Date: Mon Jun 01 1992 - 12:53:01 CDT

I only received three replies for my information request.

We have ordered four 1.2 GB L12 IBM disk drives from ICSW. The pricing is
Fed Government at $1745.00 each. The price spread is very close from
low to a high of $2157.00. I`ll let you know how much fun this will be
to switch out the old 207MB drives and install the 1.2GB.

In other news, we were in the process of upgrading our Sparc2 systems to
get another 64 MB of memory - BTW, Dataram seems to be aggressively pricing
their memory, adding an expansion box and other goodies.

With the anouncement of the Sparc10, all procurment was stopped except for
the disk drives.

We will be placing an order, I hope, in the next week for five Sparc10/54 models
with two of them replacing the Sparc2 systems. I'm not sure if I`m supposed to
be happy or not, only time will tell.

Jim Seamans
National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health
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