SUMMARY (not really): Additional Alias files?

From: Gary Richardson (
Date: Tue May 26 1992 - 20:17:06 CDT


I've recieved some replies on the above subject, and also talked to
the engineer again. I've found my info is a bit wrong. What he's got is a
network of pc's, and they use their own little mail system. What he
wants to do is create an alias file from his pc's mail system, and
copy it over to the Sun nightly, but doesn't want to mess around with
the /etc/aliases file.

The replies I've recieved suggested to use the line:

foo: :include:/home/joeblow/aliasfile

This works for a single alias called "foo", with the users assigned to
the alias "foo" in the file "/home/joeblow/aliasfile". What we want
to do here is have the file "aliasfile" be an additional alias file
that would take on the same format as the /etc/aliases file. Thus,
/home/joeblow/aliasfile could theoretically look like this:


Then we'd need some sort of reference in the /etc/aliases file to tell
it that if, for example, a user sends mail to "pcuser1", that if it
doesn't find it in /etc/aliases, to look to /home/joeblow/aliasfile
and look in the SUBalias file for it.

Now that I think I've explained it clearly (and understand what he's
looking to do) I can send this mail out.

I thank the people who have sent me the answer for a single alias, but
alas, it's not the resolution I need. If anyone knows of a way to
accomplish what I think I have explained properly this time, I would
be grateful! :-)

I shall Re-summarize


FOr those interested, here's my first posting....

>Hi sun-managers
>I have an interesting question. One of my users wants to have his
>/etc/aliases file reference another file for additional aliases (like
>having his own personal alias file). He doesn't want it to be his
>.record. From what I gather, he will be generating aliases automatically
>from some program, and wants to store them in a file seperate from
>/etc/aliases, yet still have the aliases file "see" them.
>The only way I can relate anything to this is like how YP/NIS uses the
>"+". Like in /etc/group you can store local groups, and have the "+"
>at the end of the file to say "look to YP for any additional entries".
>Is there a way, without using YP/NIS that I can do something like this
>with the alias file? Can I tell the alias file (or would it be sendmail?)
>that if you don't find the alias in /etc/aliases, to look someplace else?
>We don't use YP/NIS here, so I can't look there. I'm not sure where
>else I'd look in any FM's for info on what I (think) I want/need to
>do, so I thought I'd try sun-managers.
>If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I'll summarize.

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