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From: Jon Peatfield (
Date: Tue May 19 1992 - 14:55:00 CDT

I've just been reminded that I never posted my summary about misbehaving in all versionf of SunOS that I could find. I
only got 3 replies, one person with a similar problem another reminded
me to call my sendmail (thanks I'd never have thought of
that ;-), and another told me that it was introduces in 4.1.1 and gave
a fix for Unfortunatly all the 4.1 machines we have also
suffered the bug and the 'fix' did't fix it either.

I then convinced out local support people that there was a problem and
they reported it to Sun. Sun looked at the problem and admitted that
it was a bug. They claim it is fixed in the 'next release` but that
doesn't help me. The have currently refused to try to solve it in the
current version of SunOS, and the local people are blaming the
engineers for not wanting to work on SunOS 4 when Solaris needs so
much work... If you have the same problem try quoting BugID 1032709
at them and see if this rings any bells with them. We are currently
nagging Sun to death over this, and getting nowhere.

I was hoping to be able to report that Sun were able to provide a
speedy solution, but I've currently been waiting since 2nd April (when
we reported it to Sun) with no luck.

I'm surprised as I thought of Sun as a good company 'til now. Even
HP-SUX gets this right.

I've just heard from one of the people who contacted me that the bug
is present in Sendmail 5.61 from Berkeley too. I've not tried this
myself though.

-- Jon

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