Summary: Disk problems

Date: Mon May 25 1992 - 21:30:06 CDT

Thanks to those who replied to my query about problems on our Fujitsu M3272K
SMD drive. The consensus was that messages of the type

         xd0a: read retry (header not found) -- blk #5872, abs blk #5872

indicate the beginning of serious problems with the disk.

This could be due to the controller going bad, bad cables, failing disk media
or the disk heads losing alignment. If it is an alignment problem, it can
possibly be fixed by reformatting the disk.

I have reformatted, and the messages have stopped, so it looks like an
alignment problem in our case.

To those who asked me to summarise because they had the same messages, I pass
on the warning that it is a serious problem, and keep your disk backed up!!!


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