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Date: Wed May 27 1992 - 11:31:37 CDT

A while ago I posted a question about using SLIP or something else to
connect our network to that of a partner in another city. Here is a
summary [more like a collection] of the responses I received via Email.
My thanks to all who responded - the net is truly a wondrous thing!.

        onebp!beaulieu@uunet.UUCP (Larry Beaulieu) writes:

As far as dialup IP routing, SLIP is OK if you can live with limited bandwidth
and can deal with supporting it on your own. If not, one of the commercial
implementations of PPP (I've used Brixton, which is pretty stable, and I know
of others who used MorningStar) may be a better choice. Brixton also has the
option of using multiple dialup phone lines to increase the bandwidth. If you
are willing to splurge a bit, using 2 Telebit NetBlazers is even better; they
are easy to set up and are quite stable. 3 modems on each side will give you
a bit less usable bandwidth than a 56KB leased line.

+++++!osystems@uunet.UUCP (Cary T Conrad) writes:

Do not pass GO until you have checked out PPP. Refer to archie or your
favorite ftp site. Comercial versions are also available.

        Dave <!bianco@uunet.UUCP> writes:

You can get slip from
The files say it is for SunOS 3.x and 4.0, but it works rather
well under 4.1.1b. There are several programs included which
may also be useful to you, especially if you want to be able to
share the line with a normal telephone or modem.


        Ted Ede <!ted@uunet.UUCP> writes:

use ppp. works like a champ. check out comp.protocols.ppp.
you can build it yourself, or buy it from morningstar.


  Dwight A. Ernest of Hyphen Ltd. ( provided an excellent
  document (~550 lines) including references to the appropriate RFC's
  [ RFC1055 (SLIP), RFC1144 (CSLIP), RFC1171 and RFC1172 (PPP) ]
  and describing SLIP in general, several sources and implementations, and
  complete instructions for installing and using SLIP on Sun's. WOW!

  Dwight may be contacted at for a copy or more info.


        westhawk!thp@uunet.UUCP (Timothy H Panton.) writes:

Yeah, I strongly recommend MorningStar's PPP/SLIP implementation.
[...]The problem is that it isn't free, $795 per copy.

You can mail for more detail.


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