Summary: Don't have traceroute: comes with SunOS?

Date: Wed May 13 1992 - 22:15:10 CDT

Earlier today I asked about traceroute for SunOS; was it not part of
SunOS, where could I get it. I have so far received kind replies from:

John C. Hasley (
Ian MacPhedran (
Fuat Baran (

John came through first with:

>1). Traceroute comes from LBL (Van Jacobson), not Sun.
>2). If you're wondering how to find something (possibly) available for
>anonymous FTP, use Archie. The only site in Canada that I came up with
>is ...

Turns out that Dal (Dalhousie, in Halifax, N.S.) archives references to
software that come through comp.archives etc. The file in their
/pub/comp.archives/traceroute directory contained the announcement of
traceroute's availability on It's there, I got it,
and it works just fine thanks, without even the kernel hacks that
the source comments say may be necessary. (The same distribution
apparently works for Ultrix, too.)

Had I just waited for Fuat's note I could have saved Dal some cycles:

>Traceroute is available via anoymous ftp from

Thanks to all,

Chip Campbell

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre (University of Toronto)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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