SUMMARY: cron executes jobs twice (was Re: cron executes two times)

From: randy@ninja.megatek.uucp
Date: Wed May 13 1992 - 19:14:33 CDT

In article <> Jan Van den Bussche <> writes:
|On a Sparc station 1 under SunOS 4.0.3c, I have the following problem.
|Every crontab command is executed twice.

  Time for me to post that summary, since I just asked this question two weeks
back and recieved many helpful answers:

  And the answer is...

  Aquire patch 100058 from Sun. The double cronjob bug is a known potential
bug in SunOS 4.0 through 4.1.1 on both sun3 and sun4 architectures.

 - thanks to all that responded with solutions to my query:

Kenneth Herron <uunet!!kherron>
David W. Abbott <uunet!!dwa>
uunet!!aadt (Aadt Jansen)
uunet!IBX.COM!steve (Steve Giuliano)
uunet!!root (Todd L. Kindig @ Micom Comm. Corp.)
uunet!!wolfgang (Wolfgang S. Rupprecht)
uunet!fjtld!jca (54628-J. Antrosiglio)
Ken Sallenger <uunet!!ken>
uunet!!alau (Fons Laudy)

  Especially John Antrosiglio @ AT&T, who not only knew the patch number, but
offered additional assistance...

  A couple suggested an upgrade to a later OS version, but the bug still
potentially exists there, so that is no guarantee to work...

Thanks again,

Randy Davis UUCP: megatek!
Network and System Administrator ucsd!megatek.uucp!randy
Megatek Corporation

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