Summary: repeat delay time setting?

From: Oran Davis (
Date: Sat May 02 1992 - 03:00:49 CDT

> Hi managers.
> Environment: SparcStations II/GXs and IPCs SunOS4.1.1 X11R4 Motif
> Any way to set, fix, hack the keyboard repeat delay i.e.:
> the delay before it starts repeating (not xset -r).
> Many of my users come from 20 years of working on non Sun platfroms
> and they are getting double/tripple characters while touch typing.
> Thanks for any info,
> >- Oran

     From the Xsun man page (vanilla MIT X) ...
     -ar1 milliseconds
             This option specifies amount of time in milliseconds
             before which a pressed key should begin to

     -ar2 milliseconds
             This option specifies the internal in milliseconds
             between autorepeats of pressed keys.

I guess a pure RTFM question:

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