NEW INFO:SUMMARY: Exabyte errors: Problem with drive or tapes?

From: Scott Butler (
Date: Sat May 02 1992 - 01:19:34 CDT

Since the earler post in which I claimed to have fixed my
problems Exabyte problems by shortening my SCSI cables, I
started seeing the problem again. I started seeing the
same error messages in my console window:

> st1: Error for command 'write', Error Level: 'Fatal'
> Block: 1151 File Number: 0
> Sense Key: Hardware Error
> st1: Error for command 'write file mark', Error Level: 'Fatal'
> Block: 1151
> Sense Key: Media Error
with write errors reported in my dump log.

I now suspect that the problem was/is caused by my CDROM device
which is between my CPU and Exabyte drive.

For some reason, sometimes the CD does not mount properly at
reboot. I do not know why, as a mount -a performed when the
system is up mounts the CD just fine. (For those of you who
want to solve this problem, my fstab entry is:
/dev/sr0 /cdrom hsfs ro 0 0

Anyway, when the CDROM is in this state of not being mounted
correctly, then I these SCSI errors. Hard to believe? All I
know is that when ever I seem to have the problem, if I check
the /CDROM directory I find that it is not mounted. I execute
mount -a, and no more problems.

Anyone else see this?

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