SUMMARY: Obscure disk/memory/controller problem

From: John D Schneider (
Date: Thu Apr 30 1992 - 15:36:05 CDT


        I recently posted a problem (much too long to reproduce here) where
we were copying files from an NFS mounted disk to a SMD disk on our Sun4,
using tar, and finding that some of the copied files differed by one byte.
The only reply recommended the NFS jumbo patch, but the problem turned out
to be the SMD controller board. We replaced that and the problem went away.
We managed to isolate that component by performing the same copy operation
to other SMD and SCSI disks on the same machine, and comparing the results.
The failure could be reproduced on any SMD disk, but never on any of the SCSI
disks. We might still be scratching our heads about it if we hadn't happened
to have both kinds of disks on the same machine. Most people would not have
such a "luxury". :-)
        My thanks to Mike Raffety <> for his reply.

John Schneider

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