SUMMARY: color-postscript

From: knut@gest20.SINet.SLB.COM
Date: Thu Apr 30 1992 - 12:46:01 CDT

Here's a long overdue SUMMARY :

My original posting :

Hi .

I have been playing around with the 'xwd'/'xpr' commands attempting to
produce a color plot (OS 4.1.1).

My setup is as follows :

    'xwd|xpr -device ps|lpr -Pps'

The dump from xwd contains color info. (proven using xwud)
I've changed the parame to xpr in order to make color ps.

Are there anybody out there with a solution to my problem ???
Is it also possible to 'expand' the dump to fill a A3 format ??
(We're using a Calcomp 6613PS)

I guess 'openwin' could solve the problems, but most of our users
use 'MIT - mwm' (anyway both solutions would be appreciated)


Most of the responds pointed in the same direction : get the 'xwd2ps'
program which is available from several places.

 (f.ex. Host

    Location: /.a/sranha-bp/arch/arch/comp.archives/graphics/pixutils
      DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x 512 Jan 29 1991 xwd2ps

thanks to
Richard Kooijman DNPAP <>

knut somme
geco-prakla, stavanger norway

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