Summary: small problem with X11R5

From: Bin Zhao (
Date: Sat Apr 25 1992 - 00:40:55 CDT

This morning I posted:
        I am running X11R5 on Sparc1/SunOS.4.1.1.(mono monitor). Everything
works fine except that when I run clients like xclock, xeyes, and xload, I
don't get the window frames of these clients. I tried both Xsun and
XsunMono and I still have the problem. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

As usual, I got prompt and helpful replies pointing me to the right

It turns out that the Motif resources file Mwm defaults these clients
decorations this way. As pointed out by Simon Leinen <>
(thanks, Simon) "This is actually a *feature* of your window manager
configuration... -- This saves some real estate on your screen."

Thanks to this mailing list nad the following people:
pjs@euclid.JPL.NASA.GOV (Peter J. Scott) (Fuat Baran) (Simon Leinen)
adac!wizard!quangd@uunet.UU.NET (Quang Dangtran) (Brent Alan Wiese)
msm@Energetic.COM (Michael S. Maiten) (Douglas W O'Neal) (Craig Carpenter)

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