SUMMARY: ftp problem

From: W. Grady Campbell (grady@Alice.Wonderland.Caltech.EDU)
Date: Wed Apr 29 1992 - 19:18:26 CDT

To All,

I was overwhelmed by the response to my question about why ftp wasn't
accepting connections for valid users. Everyone told me to check
/etc/shells, which indeed was my trouble. Many, many thanks.

What had happened is that when I did a SunOS upgrade, I walked on my
old /etc/shells file. When I discovered this, I created a new one, but!
I had /bin/csh as my login shell in /etc/passwd, while listing
/usr/bin/csh in /etc/shells. ftp and chsh didn't like this but most
everything else worked. Moderately bad.

Again, thanks.


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